How I bridge the gap between skill and vision to make what I want, now. Links to fav animated shorts from recent festivals, progress on my animated short Chamoe.
Select, reviewed animated shorts for your viewing pleasure.
Triptych caption reveal, bonus triptych, extended details behind the scenes of animated short Chamoe
How we keep moving when we don’t feel like it. A murder, visual puzzles in triptych, summer tomatoes, film festivals, progress on my animated short Cha…
How we work toward clarity. Art collab with Elle Griffin; layers of a digital painting; prehistoric animation; rhubarb in the dark.
How I'm turning it into gratitude. Gothic vignettes for a new project. Something beautiful from 1959. Cicadas.
How we burn, progress on my animated short "Chamoe," mystery pianist
How I'm iterating on this newsletter
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