How I got through quarantine: with Victorian notes on illness; old movies; a winter recipe. Plus: a mysterious quest begins in my animated short Chamoe.
Films, Victorian notes on illness, and recipes to get through quarantine.
How I made it. 2021, a visual timeline; takeaways; the course for 2022. Special thanks.
How I don't want to work. Progress on my animated short Chamoe; gifts for the artist bon vivant; Rachel Cusk's unpopular opinions on motherhood; winter…
Secret Vimeo of Chamoe, the third sequence. Plus, a review of Rachel Cusk's memoir and a classic NYC brasserie for oysters.
How awed I am by new life. The story behind my animated short Chamoe; Knausgaard and book darts; where to get good pie in Manhattan.
The Chamoe backstory continues in family photographs. Also, where I get good pie in Manhattan.
How I thrive in winter. Update on my animated short, working out while I work, Wes Anderson in Greenwich Village, a latke recipe.
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