Triptych caption reveal, bonus triptych, extended details behind the scenes of animated short Chamoe
Sequence 08 of Chamoe with sound and subtitles. Plus, a magic and healing recipe for busy people.
A post-covid outing to a museum, oolong and Victory, Robert Mitchum and the everlasting arms.
How we proceed.
How we get there: with time, patience, fury. Animation near the finish line, verification on Giphy, farewell to beloved East Village bar Angel’s Share…
How I'm iterating on this newsletter
How we bear fruit. Animated short premiere, promotion, gratitude, respite.
How we refuel: with bread, bad news, kitchari. Animation progress, what's up next, the definition of love.
How we work toward clarity. Art collab with Elle Griffin; layers of a digital painting; prehistoric animation; rhubarb in the dark.
How I got through quarantine: with Victorian notes on illness; old movies; a winter recipe. Plus: a mysterious quest begins in my animated short Chamoe.
How I bridge the gap between skill and vision to make what I want, now. Links to fav animated shorts from recent festivals, progress on my animated…
How we can complement routine. A peek at my animated short, halfway through! Plus, perfect fried rice, and bubbles, to battle burnout.