It was so much fun to collab with you! And your paintings, unsurprisingly, turned out so absolutely beautiful. We’re overdue for a hang!

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Super fascinating breakdown of your painting! It's great that you and Elle have crossed paths -- her newsletter is one that's been on our radar.

Also, thank you for the link to the doomscrolling piece (and your commentary on it). The way that the internet's never-ending stream disintegrates meaning and dehumanizes us is a serious issue. We talk about it a lot behind the scenes. (Especially since Twitter is such a key part of what we do, and the site naturally favors that direction.)

We try our best to fight back. It's small stuff, like sharing only what we love, and giving people as much context as we can. Handing them something valuable to sink in to and internalize -- something that could actually change the person looking, rather than just another bit of content bouncing around online. It takes a lot of time and effort, particularly on our Substack, but it's what we consider ethical. Really, it's a daily battle.

Looking forward to your next issue!

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