Thought provoking post Coleen!

I don't believe our job as the artist, is to judge other artists work, because it only gets in the way of discovering what needs to spill out of our hearts onto the page. Same goes for reading critic reviews on our own work. In my opinion, if an artist is making work for someone other than themselves, they are in the wrong game, or lack an understanding of how creativity (not commodity) works. It doesn't sound like the writer of this book was writing for anyone but herself. That is a great thing to have in the world. Great art divides an audience and usually takes a long time to permeate the culture.

Personally, I leave reviews to the folks who don't have the courage to try something that is percolating deep in their heart. Because those are ruminations unchained from fear.

Super duper pumped to see where the mask animation stuff is going, looks freaking incredible and def stirs something inside me when I watch the snippets you post.

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Haven't heard good things about A Little Life, either. Have you stumbled across Elia Cugini's article "The Good Little Pig Problem"? Similar topic (it even touches on A Little Life) and very interesting: https://www.gawker.com/culture/booktok-cant-stop-crying-over-the-good-little-pig

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I haven't trusted theBooker for years, although I read today that the selection is really good. Not willing to invest the time though

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Love your ruminations Coleen! And I guess now I have another reason NOT to read A Little Life. The other being it's horrible, and I mean horrible book cover - https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/91fRT+cJNzL.jpg

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