How we come back to a new normal. The cagey side of beginnings. A peg bar, a Keynote, a vignette. Gearing up for Next.

January 2023

How we start getting back up. An update, and a thank you.

December 2022

How we ride it out. GoFundMe for Mom.
How we survive. The 1 second story grows to 12; hardship and what we make; wearing the shoe that we thought was going to drop. An animated sketch, to…

November 2022

How we choose to see. Sketches, sounds, bird sh*t. A member-only issue with "Children, at sea," a one-second story.
How we find perspective in our own smallness. Creative response to trauma. Taking space, letting yourself off the hook, making minute by minute.

October 2022

Stop motion · The creepiest little animated short on Netflix.
38. FeelingWatch now (3 min) | How we sit with discomfort. Doing what we want. A 20 second micro-short looped to music montage.
Book · A Little Life 😑
How we meander as we make way. Working when we want to run away, telling an honest story, meditative animation on loop.

September 2022

How we bust out. Momentum for my next animated short film, stylistic explorations, character studies, a process video. Chamoe screens in Manhattan.
Podcast · Electrocuting yourself for clarity, moving faster than "maybe I shouldn't," sidebar on Issue 34.