How we bear fruit. Animated short premiere, promotion, gratitude, respite.
How we just enjoy it. Sound and music for my animated short, refined subtitles, and an early surprise for everyone.
The rough cut of my animated short film Chamoe! **Available for 24 hours only**
How we get there: with time, patience, fury. Animation near the finish line, verification on Giphy, farewell to beloved East Village bar Angel’s Share…
The latest animation work with sound and subtitles, additional behind-the-scenes, amazing small batch New York preserves.
How we refuel: with bread, bad news, kitchari. Animation progress, what's up next, the definition of love.
Sequence 08 of Chamoe with sound and subtitles. Plus, a magic and healing recipe for busy people.
How we transition. Stylistic explorations, animation update, music and sound for my short. Plus, a film about appetites.
How we enter into light. Reflections on color, a process video, afternoon martinis the way they used to be.
A preview of sequences 06 to 08, with preliminary sound and subtitles! Plus, a NYC gem for lovers of rare, out-of-print cookbooks.
How we can complement routine. A peek at my animated short, halfway through! Plus, perfect fried rice, and bubbles, to battle burnout.
How Chamoe is shaping up! See it from the beginning. Plus a NYC gem: fancy happy hour oysters with a price tag that’s easy to swallow.