The Line Between is a very visual newsletter about hand-painted animation and life in NYC. Every 2 weeks. TLB is a Substack Featured Publication, and ✨ Top 25 in Art & Illustration ✨ world wide.

I share my creative routine as well as the behind-the-scenes on whatever I’m working on. It could be an animated short, watercolors, augmented reality postcards, visual puzzles. I’m also a firm believer that in order to do good work, one needs to be well-fed. So I reflect on inputs as well as outputs: films, books, recipes, NYC gems. Format and length vary, tone is conversational. Issues are image-heavy.

TLB is my way of documenting, and visibly prioritizing, process over ends. However indirectly, I aspire to support you in your own day to day through what I share. I hope these 5 to 10-minute chapters read like fun, interesting letters from a friend, perfect for quiet moments with a cup of coffee or tea.

Some content is for paying subscribers (members) only. In addition to providing financial support, the pay wall helps me create a bit of privacy where I can speak more freely + divulge cherished NYC secrets to a smaller audience.

Lastly: you don’t need to be an artist or designer  to enjoy TLB! This newsletter is for anyone interested in the beauty of process, and in how the line is drawn.

Thanks for being on this road with me.

About the author

I’m Coleen Baik, an artist and designer based in NYC.

I’m an obsessive documenter and lover of words. I’m the author of the How to Get Started with Hand-Drawn Animation series. I’ve been published in Offscreen Magazine and featured on Motionographer. I was a part of the early design team at Twitter, an advisor at Medium, and the principal designer at Sequoia Capital’s Design Lab. I appreciate beauty in the interstice.

Why subscribe?

Making something can be a lonely process; TLB is about connecting throughout. You and I both have to solve problems every day, whether it be around building digital products, making dinner, or rearing children. It can be nice to know that we’re doing it alongside, and to honor the labor regardless of the outcome.

Inspiration, maybe?
I’m dogged about telling stories the way I want to tell them, and I’ve been making exhilarating progress over the past few years. I hope this can encourage you in your own pursuits, in whatever small and regular way.

Gems and joy
Every issue of TLB is chock-full of visuals, mostly hand-painted by me, often with an exploration of a creative problem. I also share influences: gorgeous or funny passages from an obscure book, a delicious meal at a Manhattan hole-in-the-wall, a charming encounter on the A express train.

At the end of the day I hope TLB makes you feel less alone,
and that it leaves you meditative, or smiling. Or both.

If you like what I make and how I write, your support will help The Line Between grow.

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