The Line Between (TLB) is a very visual newsletter about life through the lens of making things. About twice a month. A Substack Featured Publication.

I’m Coleen Baik, an artist, designer, and writer based in NYC.

Every other week or so I share a peek behind the scenes from my home studio in NYC: anything from pages of the sketch book or hand-painted frames for an animated vignette, to experiments in augmented reality. I focus on the how versus the what.

I usually introduce everything with provocation or observation.

Sometimes I also send out an “off-topic” newsletter in a sub-section of TLB called Ruminations. These are more freeform, casual reflections about what feeds or informs my work—books, films, NYC gems, pastries, politics. Every subscriber will automatically receive Ruminations unless they opt-out in subscription settings.

TLB is a living, evolving thing, and I occasionally update this as well as the Welcome (an extension to this page) to reflect my latest thinking around TLB’s focus and envisioned value.

More about me

I’m an obsessive documenter and the author of the How to Get Started with Hand-Drawn Animation series. I’ve been published in Offscreen Magazine, my micro-short animation Tuscany has been featured on Motionographer, and my animated short film Chamoe has screened at BAM. I was a part of the early design team at Twitter, an advisor at Medium, and a principal designer at Sequoia Capital’s Design Lab. I read a lot of longform fiction and essays; everything from Neil Gaiman to Rachel Cusk. I appreciate beauty in the interstice.

Why subscribe?

I hope what I share in TLB resonates with you on a personal level, whether you’re an artist or not.

I often share perspectives, routines, tools, and methods to support your own creative goals. This is a value that’s being prioritized as of late summer 2022, particularly for paying subscribers.

TLB aims to be thought-provoking as well as visually engaging. I hope reading every issue feels like a small but meaningful moment in your day.

I make a lot of TLB available for free, but I hope you decide to become a paying subscriber (member). Your support would help sustain more of what I make, and say, out in the world. I hope you consider the extras simply cherries on top.

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Thanks for reading. See you soon.

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A very visual newsletter about life through the lens of making things. A peek behind the scenes, both in the art studio and in my head. About twice a month.


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