The Line Between is a biweekly newsletter about the day-to-day of being an artist and designer.

It’s part journal, part behind-the-scenes reveal. It aims to demystify ideation and process from both the nuts-and-bolts side as well as for the purposes of fellowship. You don’t need to be an artist or designer — what I share apply to practitioners of any creative discipline. The format and length of every issue vary given what I’m working on. The tone is personal.

About the author

I’m Coleen Baik, an artist and designer based in NYC.

I’m an obsessive documenter and lover of words. I enjoy writing about process and am the author of How to Get Started with Hand-Drawn Animation. I’ve been published in Offscreen Magazine and featured on Motionographer. I was a part of the early design team at Twitter, an advisor at Medium, and the principal designer at Sequoia Capital’s Design Lab. I appreciate beauty in the interstice.

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Making anything is a lonely process, and creators benefit tremendously from looking over another’s shoulder. I believe that what I share—from the tactical to the emotional—is worth leveraging as well as supporting.

If you like what I make, and how I write, your support will help me do more of it.

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Promotional period

Unabridged issues of The Line Between will be free to everyone for its inaugural 3 months (6 issues). This will give folks a chance to check things out, and me some time to work out any kinks. Occasional promotions are sure to follow. Enjoy!