The Line Between (TLB) is a biweekly newsletter about art in progress.

I talk about my creative routine and share the behind-the-scenes on whatever I’m working on. It could be an animated short, watercolors, augmented reality NFTs, visual puzzles. I also reflect on everything that feeds into what I make, including day-to-day life and politics, usually in the form of visual essays. Format and length vary, tone is personal. Content is image-heavy.

You don’t need to be an artist or designer — I believe that what I share applies to anyone making things or solving problems.

About the author

I’m Coleen Baik, an artist and designer based in NYC.

I’m an obsessive documenter and lover of words. I enjoy writing about process and am the author of the How to Get Started with Hand-Drawn Animation series. I’ve been published in Offscreen Magazine and featured on Motionographer. I was a part of the early design team at Twitter, an advisor at Medium, and the principal designer at Sequoia Capital’s Design Lab. I appreciate beauty in the interstice.

Why subscribe?

I want to demystify ideation and creation from both the nuts-and-bolts side as well as for the purposes of fellowship. Making anything is a lonely process, and I think we can benefit a lot from sharing our work and talking about it—and not just at the beginning or at the end.

Ultimately I think this kind of human connection is worth prioritizing. Plus I think TLB is fun to read! It may inspire you to do or think differently. At the end of the day I hope it makes you feel less alone in your own work, whether it be building digital products, making dinner, or rearing children.

If you like what I make, how I write, and appreciate unconventional uses of the animated GIF, your support will help The Line Between grow and continue.

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